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St. Michael's Catholic School (Grades K-2)
St. Michael's Catholic School (Grades K-2)

Tuition: $64.00/1 month(s)

Three Installment Payments
1st at checkout: 69.00
2nd after 2 months*: 64.00
3rd after 4 months*: 64.00
Total: 197.00

* Future installment payments are calculated from the date of checkout.

Please note that a $5 registration fee is included in the total.

Payment Options:

Class Day:Thursday
Class Time:3:10-4:10 pm
First Day of Class for 2nd Class Sign-up:February 7, 2019
Last Day of Class:June 6, 2019
No Class:March 14, April 4
Schedule Changes: None
Instructor/s:Deb Moody
Class Location:Science Room

This class will be taught by two teachers