Beyond the bulletin board.

Lesson Plan for week 02/25-02/29- Colored pencil

Lesson Plan for week 02/10-02/14- Valentine's painting project with stippling

Lesson Plan for week 02/03-02/07- Different ways to shadow with a calligraphy pen

Lesson Plan for week 01/27-01/31- dimension and value in acrylics.  Parents can make copies of these and have them laminated for placemats.

Jan. 2nd: General Registration will begin on 01/20. Parents with students currently in a class will receive a Priority Registration email on 01/08 with details of when to register.

Lesson plan for week 12/09-12/13- Most classes will be painting and buffing clay tile project.  

Lesson plan for week 11/18-11/22- Students will be exploring drawing vs. painting techniques with soft pastels. BE SURE TO SPRAY STUDENT'S ART WITH AEROSOL HAIRSPRAY TO SET THE SOFT PASTEL!

Lesson plan for week 11/12-11/15- Students will either be working on clay projects or Underpainting technique with acrylics- the kids paint a yellow base coat and scratch through it while the top player is wet 

Lesson plan for week 10/28-11/01- Students will either be using oil or soft pastels to create detail and three dimensions on flat paper or will be doing batik watercolors

NOTE ON SUMNER-BONNEY LAKE SCHOOL DISTRICT STIKE: updated 10/28 at 11:40am- class will occur as normal on Tues. at Tehaleh Heights regardless if school is cancelled due to the strike.

Lesson plan for week 10/21-10/25- Students will be using oil pastels or soft pastels and focusing on how to create detail and three dimensions on flat paper.

Lesson plan for week 10/14-10/18- Students will be using paint and dot technique to create aboriginal style drawings and learn about the history of this type of art

Lesson plan for week 09/30-10/04- Students will be doing different kinds of printing this week, and will be learning to use screen print paint to transfer an image.

Lesson plan for week 09/23-09/27- Students will do a quick review of the 5 kinds of lines.  Then they will be practicing looking at a black drawing on white paper (the example) and turning it into a white drawing on black paper (their art piece). This is their first lesson on positive and negative space.

Lesson plan for week 09/16-09/20- The younger and older students will be learning the five kinds of line and how to make a contour drawing with the instructor.  The rest of the lesson is a tactile exercise in using their fingers.



JAN 2: Winter/Spring classes are now open.

JAN 1: AFKS and AE have been redesigned. Welcome!

DEC 12: AFKS is temporarily closing for maintenance on December 15.