AFKS Policies

Payment Policy

PAYMENT IS DUE UPON REGISTRATION in order for your registration to be valid. Two options are available for payment:

  • Payment in full (upon registration)
  • Payment in 3 Installments (Automatic Withdrawal REQUIRED) - The first Installment is due now. The second payment will be automatically charged to your card one month after the initial payment, and the third payment will be automatically charged two months after your initial payment. (Example: If you register on December 10, your initial payment must be paid at that time. Subsequently, your second installment would be automatically charged to your card on January 10, and your third payment on February 10.)

Tuition is not prorated as a result of missed classes. If your child misses class due to illness, you may contact us to arrange a make-up class.

Late Fees - If a scheduled automated payment is unsuccessful in being processed, you will have an additional 10 days to submit payment. Payments received after this time period will incur an additional $10 late fee.

Any unpaid balances will be turned over to a collection agency after sixty (60) days. After this point an additional 3% per month fee shall be assessed.

Attendance Policy

You agree that your child will attend all of the Art For Kids School classes throughout the duration of the term.

Early Withdrawal: Notice of early withdrawal must be submitted via email. If for any reason you withdraw your child from the program before the end of the term, you agree to pay one-half of the remaining tuition balance. If proper notice is not provided in advance, then the full remaining balance will be owed.

Our purpose in requiring an attendance commitment is based in our observation that, while all children benefit by being exposed to art, we prefer teaching children who love art and are dedicated to putting in the time required to achieve skills. The children support each other as a group. This is disrupted if children cannot make the commitment to the full course of lessons. It has been our experience that a child cannot fully develop an opinion about whether they like certain materials and media unless they have repeated exposure to those materials, and practice in their use.

Finally, we believe that requiring an agreement to attend duration of the term is an excellent way to teach the value of commitment and dedication. Art, like ballet or music, is a discipline, and achieving excellence requires time and practice.

If your child misses class due to illness, you may contact us to arrange a make-up class.

Additional Information

Class Schedule Changes - It is the parent's responsibility to obtain information about class changes by visiting the class schedule and information on our home page.

Inclement Weather - If more than one class is cancelled due to inclement weather, these will be made up and you will receive notification of the make-up dates.

The Classroom Environment - Students are expected to maintain a respectful and reasonably quiet working atmosphere within the classroom. Parents will be contacted if there is an ongoing disruptive pattern involving a student. So that students may focus and due to classroom size limitations, parents are asked not to remain in the classroom while in session.

Arrival & Pick-Up - Students should arrive at the classroom a few minutes before the scheduled start time in order to make full use of the allotted class time. Late arrivals cause distraction.Likewise, punctuality when picking up your child is also important. AFKS is not responsible for child supervision outside of class time. If a student is picked up more than 20 minutes after class, an additional $1 per minute will be billed to compensate instructors.

Instructor Contact - All communication will be handled through the business manager. We do not give out instructor contact information to parents or PTA members. If you have questions or concerns, please e-mail or call (360) 539-9220.

Repeat Instructors - Instructors will change every year, much like they do when a child changes grade levels. This is to allow the children to gain different art perspective and also learn different styles.